The Smart-Ice™  System uses BOTH mechanical and electro-magnetic energy instead of heat to separate dissolved air and reduce surface tension of resurfacing water.

        Stop using HOT water, and start saving money!                 

 If your facility buys power in Ontario, this site should be of great interest to you!


 Why choose Smart-Ice 

1.   Significant cost savings 

  • Cooler resurfacing water requires less work (energy) from your mechanical room.
  • A pad with less entrained air in it is more conductive( efficient).
  • Even rinks that use super-heat energy from the compressor room can see significant savings after implementation of Smart-Ice™.  It is common sense, if you put less heat on the ice, your compressors do not work as hard (saving money every day).
  •  Big energy and water saving can be achieved by switching from Reverse Osmosis to Smart-Ice™.    Ask us how.

2.  Quality :  Smart-Ice™ clients tell us their ice is at least as good as ice made with hot water. 

3. is a Canadian invention with a 36-month    warranty.

 Calculating your savings is easy!

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Good News!!!!


    On a very warm September 14, 2013  the Kraft Hockeyville Canada NHL game was played at the Yardmen Arena in Belleville Ontario.  Stirling, Ontario had won the contest in 2012 but their arena did not have the needed seating so Belleville volunteered to host the event for them.

The Winnipeg Jets  and the Washington Capitals gave the ice a good workout. 

The Yardmen Arena staff used their Smart-Ice System, originally installed in June 2012 to treat all the water used for the ice sheet build above the game new graphics and logos.  The ice build was done with NHL supervision using 80 degree F water.  The water temperature for the game was 120 F for snow melt and faster ice repair.

There were a number of favorable comments about ice appearance during the CBC broadcast.  After the game good comments followed about ice quality by many players and referrees.  The Belleville Facilities supervisors were very pleased with the way the ice held up during the game despite the very warm outside temperatures.